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Win XP, New System, Copied HD boot up problem

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  • Win XP, New System, Copied HD boot up problem

    Well you can see by the title of this post that I'm not sure where the problem issue lies and I need your help.

    A friend of mine bought parts for a new computer. He changed mb/processors as well...going from a PIII800 to an Athelon 2200.

    He put everything together and copied his two old 20 gig hd's to two new 40 gig hd's with WD software that came with the new drives.

    Problem is.. when he boots up the new system he gets an error as Win XP Pro is starting.

    A Problem was detected
    Windows is shutting down to prevent damage to your system

    He has tried boot up with a different video card and still the problem persists.

    Can't get into safe mode, error starts before Windows is able to boot.

    The new 40 gig copied hd boots fine if he puts it in the old computer, so he knows it's not a corrupted OS.

    Would a repair install help with this? Should he try using ghost to copy the hd's ?

    Anyone know how to solve this?

    If you need more info...what do I need to provide?


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    Sorry, but you're gonna be stuck with a fresh install. It has to do with the fact that the old imaged OS has absolutely no idea how to communicate with the new AMD supported chipset of the new rig. It is trying to chat with the motherboard via the methods used for an Intel system.
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      ugh! :cry:

      Thanks Darthtanion that's what I was afraid of....Do you think if he did a repair using his XP disk that it would help?


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        You can try, but I wouldn't hold my breath on it. When the OS installes, it sets itself up for the chipset being used. It would be like installing a 426 Hemi motor into a VW Bug. It can be done, the the effort involved probably isn't worth it. You would have to chase down innumerable files and registry settings just to have a chance to make it work. Though I haven't delved too deeply into the Repair Console that Windows now uses, I would be highly doubrful that it would be smart enough to pull off this task.
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          Thanks Darthtanion ,
          I'll let him know....

          He's a programmer so no telling what he will try :eek:


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            Hmmm... in that case, make sure to have a camera handy. Could be entertaining. ;)
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              Oh a programmer hey? Now that should be interestin'. :laugh:

              What really gets me is that nearly all programmers that I know have no real idea about hardware at all. :eek:


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                Well G, tell your friend it was a noble try -- but enough of the shortcuts.

                At least he still has all the data to be transferred to the new drive after he installs XP on it:thumb:

                I suppose he could try formatting the boot sector..........nah, probably end up clean installing anyway:(

                you didn't tell him this was going to work, did you G?
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                  Ohh my...

                  I just finished telling my friend the common thoughts regarding his problem from this forum.. Needless to say he was a bit err, agrumenative until we talked it out..

                  His first comment was

                  No Way! That can't be the problem, it makes NO SENSE..:hammer:

                  We then spoke about chipsets, bios settings, chip architechture and by the end had worked out a solution for him that should meet all of his needs and make the transition to his new system fairly painless.

                  He will be using a fresh install of XP on the new system but transfering all his settings n files to it from the old one. :thumb:

                  Thanks for all the input and great advice!!!


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                    Damn and I thought that for once we'd get a different reaction. :(
                    They're so predictable.


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                      Actually I find it sort of fun guiding him into the light Wiggo.

                      It's an amazing thing watching the lightbulb turn on when he finally gets IT!



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                        It's just the amazin' thing about all programmers is their utter lack of understanding hardware, what I mean to say is, how do you program without hardware knowledge? :confused:

                        Us hardware ppl have to understand them after all. :devil win