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Help with N56VB notebook screen

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  • Help with N56VB notebook screen

    Hello everyone,

    I made a complete mess. So, I wanted to update the wireless adapter for my N56VB and replaced the Intel centrino wireless-n 2230 with an intel wireless advanced-n 6235. I reassembled the computer but forgot to plug the screen. So, once again I disassembled it plugged the screen and it worked fine, but after some time it started having some issues. I tried once again to disassemble, re-plug and reassemble and now the lcd screen does not display anything at all, even though the backlight turns on (it's all black). I checked with an external monitor and the video output is working, fortunately. The Asus repair center here in Mexico sucks so I may have to repair it by myself. Does anybody know what could the actual problem be? Somebody told me it might be the cable that goes from the screen to the motherboard, but it is still getting power. Please! I need help!