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  • Anyone Certified???

    I was just wondering if any of you guys are actually certified? Considering that you give advice to people, do you have anything that would show that you know your stuff.
    On a side note; its better to know your certs than how fast you overclocked your athlon.

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    None at this stage, only 19. Everything I know I tought myself or learnt about it in magazines or online.
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      Originally posted by Mr.Tweak
      None at this stage, only 19. Everything I know I tought myself or learnt about it in magazines or online.
      For the most part me too. But i realized jobs dont revolve around, "Well... i havent tested my knowledge yet, but i taught myself alot, and i've learned that you should hire me... i taught myself that, too"
      Server+ expected early '03

      But I still dont know alot of stuff, most of these guys (^for example) know more than i do.


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        Half way to getting my CCNA, will probably get an MCP next year, will look @ getting A+ and maybe CCNP as well...

        but currently, I just know stuff... :)
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          Self taught for the most part. ;)

          Got a lot of help from here when I've been stuck on somethin' though. :thumb:

          <small>Quite frankly I've seen some with cert's who are imbeciles.</small> :eek:

          <center> </center>


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            Some of us are certifiably insane. So when your computer drives you crazy, we already understand.

            Self taught and have the knots on my head to prove it. Fluent in: WTF, Duh!, and "big hammer" terms.


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              Originally posted by Wiggo
              <small>Quite frankly I've seen some with cert's who are imbeciles.</small> :eek:
              That's ME! :D :D :D :thumb: : party ha


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                some various Cisco Router certs
                All thanks to Uncle Sam :)

                Plus I'm largely self trained in everything anyways.
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                  Done all my training for a CCNA, could get my MCSE, but can't afford to go do the exams yet. :)

                  But as others are saying, certifications don't really count for all that much. It just shows that you know how to pass an exam. That's one of the reasons I haven't done the exams yet. I'm happy with the knowledge I gained from the training courses, and at the moment I don't feel I need a piece of paper telling me I can do so.


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                    Trial and Error, TT, Online reserch, articles etc...self taught stuff like that...
                    - Damien


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                      I have a P.Eng certification....but my degree is in Metallurgical Engineering :D
                      I guess that doesn't count
                      Anyone have any questions about steel they need answered?


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                        100% self taught, i worked as a tech for short while before being picked up here as sysadmin (without calling the position that)

                        i will be doing the study for certain sections of MS certs, but as most ppl that know stuff say, the cert dont mean jack. there are more people in my town that are certified for somefin, or gettin certified soon for somefin, and they know more about paint sniffing then how to hook up a PSU to a PC..

                        no knowledge beats what we learn from practice, theory is great until reality hits, i learnt that in the automotive cert i did...


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                          Diploma comp servicing/ electronics, done CCNA course just need to do exams now. As beef said having a piece of paper means you know how to do exams, most often nothing more (specially with MS courses). i also have 4 years experience as a computer tech, the problems you guys have here i see several times a day.


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                            MCSE in NT 4.0
                            A+, Network+, Server+ [I like CompTia's vendor neutral certs].

                            Looking into The LPI Linux cert or perhaps the Linux+ cert from CompTia.

                            I also did one IBM, one HP , and one Compaq hardware exam.


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                              I have to say that i am shocked by how many of you dont have certs. I would have guessed the othey way around. And I agree that knowing computers and being certified isnt the same thing; certs are only good if you looking for a job in this field. But most of you know more and understand problems better than any other tech board out there.
                              You just plain kick ass! :D