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  • new case problems

    ok i am going to try not to sound like a total noob here .. please bare with me ... i just started to upgrade my puter and had everything going ok ...

    I have a XP 2100 , MSI KT4VL mobo (KT 400 chipset ), 512 corsar 3200 ddr ram stick , MSI TI 4200 with 64mb vid card , and SB audigy sound card , 360w power supply , CRT , USB mouse and keyboard .. ... ( dont know what kind of info will help )

    things were working ok but my temps were real hot ( 55 idol 60 load ) ... so i figured i needed a better case and bought the thermaltakes Xaserll II case ... installed everything and it wouldnt boot .. i would get a warning screen as soon as windows starts telling me to reboot ... so i set ended up getting it to work with the BIOS set to defalt .. runs fine now .. but when i go to up the FSB to 133 it crashes agean and i get the same warning till i put it back to defalt 100 fsb .... the only thing i can think of is the extra fans in the case that are difrent .. temps are alot lower ( 38 idol 42 load ) .....

    anyone have any advice on how to fix this or what i did wrong ? .. it kinda sucks to have a 2100 running at 1.3 gig ... lol any advice would be great .. thanks in advance ... pest

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    My first guess is a power problem. Are the new fans being powered off mobo headers? If so, try using adapters to power them off 4 pin connecters. You can also try disconnecting them (temporarily) to see if the problem goes away. Do you have a new psu with the case? It could be defective or of poor quality (you don't mention the brand). All 300w psus are not alike. What are the voltage readings in the bios when running at both 100mz fsb and 133 with everything hooked up? Is there a big difference?


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      i bought a new PSU before i started having problems .... its a Antec True power 330w ... all the fans are pluged into the 4 pin adapters , i wired it so i could control the case fans with the switch on the case .. and the V7 is running off seprate ...

      here is my voltages at 133 .. in the bios there all set to auto ...
      Vcore 1.776 v
      +5 5.085
      +12 11.741
      -12 11.989
      -5 5.177

      i did have a problem with the dedicated *fan only* cable ... it didnt run the fans at all when it was used .. so i just used one of the 4 pin connectors .. same ones that plug into the drives ....

      my temps are alittle weard .. mobo is reading 56c on the chip and the temp Sensor i installed beside the chip under the heat sink .. is reading at 42c .. i would think i would trust the temp reading from the case sensor .. i heard some mobo's read 10 high ...


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        You've got a good psu that should handle the load. The -5v is is the only reading out of spec, and that is only by a hair and on the high side. There should be no problems with that. I do wonder about the "fan only" connector not working. Does it help if you disconnect the extra fans? As far as the temps go, different parts of the chip will be different temps.