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comp bootup freeze

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  • comp bootup freeze

    i built up a new computer and with everything put together, it freezes up after post. it freezes up precisely when usually something like "escd updated successfully" usually appears.

    anyone got any ideas as to why i'm freezing up? or can give any advice as to what other things i should try?

    thanks guys.

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    It might help to know what is in the box.


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      If youu can get it to post...enter the bios and check to see what the temps are. Check to see if they are high....and if they are you might need to reseat the heatsink on the processor. Also, let us know the components in the box!


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        here are the components:

        processor: amd athlon xp 1700+
        mb: asus a7m266
        mem: 256mb pc2100 ddr micron
        hd: ibm 40gb
        cdrw: liteon 40x12x48
        ps: enermax 300w


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          I just built my computer and was having a similer problem. My problem was that the clip on the heat sink was on backwards. From what I've read, this is a rather common problem. Maybe check that.


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            A quick check to see if it is a boot process problem is to hit the "pause/break" key when you see the first screen on boot. Unpause it after a couple of minutes. If it continues to boot to the same place as before, it is not a thermal problem. If it is locked up, it is probably a thermal problem. If it finishes the boot process, it may be a psu problem as the hds are already spun up and requiring less power during the rest of the boot process.