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NTB Compaq Presario V6314EA - new HDD

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  • NTB Compaq Presario V6314EA - new HDD

    I would like to find someone, who got a experience with NTB Compaq Presario V6314EA. This NTB has got Intel 945GM graphic chipset and Core Duo T2350 processor at 1,86GHz under load, otherwise at 800MHz (x6 or x14) and the question is, if the old, dying HDD, could be replaced for any other 2.5' HDD.
    Or if one have to buy some special, "supported" by HP only.

    Ideal would be a SSD drive, to make things faster and less baterry demanding, however the question is, if anybody tried that yet and if this Compaq V6314EA will "know" the new HDD/SSD drive.

    Current situation is, that the HDD is dying as we speak, data has been backuped (some of them aren't even possible to read anymore) and it is necessary to exchange the HDD for a new one.

    Anybody got some experience with it?
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