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DVD rom and burner wont work together.

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  • DVD rom and burner wont work together.

    My dvd rom works fine on it own, and my burner works fine on its own also.
    What doesnt work is when i try and link them both to the same IDE cable and make one the master and one the slave. At that time only 1 will work at a time, and its becoming a pain in the ass.

    The thing we came up with is that my burner may have a compatability issue with the dvd rom as the burner is an old 4x4x24.

    Any one got any ideas how i can get them both to work together?

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    If you have a spare PCI slot then you could get yourself a cheap IDE controller card and run one off it. ;)


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      That would prolly work out the best Wiggo :thumb:


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        That would probably be the easieast way to test it out. I know that many CD burners refuse to cooperate unless they are the Mater drive on their respective IDE channel. It sounds like DVD burners will be the same way. Could make for some interesting upgrades ahead. :laugh:
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          You could try a different ide cable. I don't know how old your mobo is, but some older ones seemed to insist that you set the ide channel selections (on the "general" page) to "auto" to find 2 optical or tape drives on a channel. My guess is that they would then be polled to see what they supported for PIO or DMA at boot. The DVD drive probably supports DMA and the CD rom probably supports PIO2 or 3. This may also be why they have trouble co-exiting.


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            ok, thats another problem solved, hehe, your help was marvelous :P