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I really need help guys Please!

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  • I really need help guys Please!

    The amount of posts and replies I have got on here has been great the last couple of months and I have appreciated everyone's advice, especially those who actually took the time to read my post and give me a reasonable option unlike those just showing off their knowledge of a certain situation instead of actually helping.

    Ontop of the 130 quid i spent to buy a brand new athlon xp 2100+ and fan I have spent 150 quid trying to solve the problem that kept causing the crashes i was getting at 1.73ghz. I even asked many many times are people sure taht it was the overheating cos i wasnt convinced .. they kept saying yes so I bought a brand new case and a brand new heatsink and fan...and low and behold my case is a lot cooler...but keeps crashing. it still runs up to about 57 -60 degrees when under heavy load but I doubt thats enough to keep it crashing just like it did at 73 degrees.(celsius btw)

    What annoys me is noone ever offered me an alternative solution besides cooling. now I am stuck without any idea of what to do nearly nearly 300 quid out of pocket with a crashing pc to show for it. why cant pc's ever be simple. I couldnt really afford the fan and case but did it because i thought it would rectify the problem and be worth it in the long run, boy was I wrong.

    Please can someone help me out its been like 2 months and Im jsut getting sick and tired of it.

    im on win98
    512 pc133 ram athlon xp2100+(stock settings)
    with an AX7 heatsink with a Panaflo 80mm fan
    Chieftek Scorpio TX Case
    Asus Geforce 3
    Asus A7A266-E lates bios rev 1011
    Western Digital 40gb 7200rpm

    It only crashes when running a game (it didnt crash running madonions 3dmark2000)
    I seriously doubt that its the heat causing the problem when running at 1.3ghz
    (underclocked it doesnt crash but can still reach temperatures of about 70+ degrees (based on previous AMD stock fan))
    so why would it crash at only 60 degrees now?

    it jsut doesnt add up and I am not knowledgable about such things that i can provide a solution.

    I beg of anyone who may have a solution to help me out please.

    thanks for your time

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    Have you tried running any of your tests with the side panel off? And what type of case fans do you have...just curious. I have owned 2 A7A266, I may be able to help.


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      Ok, here is what I recommend that you do. The chipsets in some of the A7A266 boards tend to get hot, regardless of whether or not you are overclocking. Try to remove the heatsink on the chipset and either apply some Artic Silver, or more thermal paste and replace the heatsink. If that helps, you can either RMA your board or invest in an active cooler for the Chipset. Let me know if that works for you.

      Or check the level in the bios as to what the maximum cpu heat can be. The athlonxp runs much cooler than a t-bird, but the A7A266 does a poor job of registering the real temp of the cpu.

      GOOD LUCK!!!


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        I dont have any case fans at the moment but im pretty sure its not the heat trust me on this. Someone suggested that it could be that my ram has incompatability issues with an asus board (apprantly scan supply ram sticks of a TwinMOS variety which dont react well with my mobo) I am not sure if i have tinmos ram but i did buy from scan. they also said that its possible that my ram isnt getting enough power and i should up the voltage to it.


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          This maybe a bit of a long shot but have a read of this short article, , the bottom of page 3 of this article sometimes helps as well, ;)


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            A shot in the dark. Is there a setting in the "advanced chipset features" (or similar name) in the BIOS for setting the "SDRAM timing"? If there is, and it is not set to "by SPD", try that setting. What this does is allow the Bios to read an eeprom on the memory modules that contains the manufacture's recommended dram timings and set them automatically. Aggressive manual settings can cause instability when giving the ram a workout.


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              Someone said that windows 98 has a problem recognising above 384mb ram I have 512 i took out one of the ram sticks and now my pc runs fine...however having only 256mb of ram isnt that good really i would like to know whether or not there is a solution cos i wanna buy some beasty new ram soon but getting less than 512 seems like a waste.


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                yes the fix is to install win2k or winxp


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                  Actually win98 has a problem sometimes with more than 511mb ram. It's at 512 and over that it has problems with some mobo and ram combos. I have successfully run 512mb w/win98 on several Iwill, MSI, Gigabyte, and Biostar boards. I even ran 1gb on 2 MSI boards, 1 using SDR and 1 with DDR, using a tweak in Win98. At the moment, I can't find the tweak, but I seem to remember it was a setting in MSCONFIG. This tweak led to a lot of discussion way back when. It seemed to work for some people but not others. Any one else remember the tweak? I would also try running the box with the other stick of ram (still 1 stick) to see is the ram itself is flaky.


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                    Yet I've also had setups that fell over after 256MB which is all it was designed to address. :smokin: