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  • 3D Prophet 4000XT

    I have a Hercules 3D Prophet 4000XT on my P3 450mhz with 256mb ram on WinXP Pro.

    Recently the computer regularly freezes and then restarts itself when running progams such as Word or Counter Stike or even when watching DIVX movies. When it restarts Win XP says in a error report message that it thinks that the cause of the instability is the graphics card.

    I have reformatted, and tried all different versions of drivers and still the same problem so i contacted Hercules support and they think it is to do with a known problem with WinXP.....some infinite loop problem.

    However this card is not a NVIDIA based one so i dont know what they are on about!

    Has anyone had the same problems and have they solved it in any way?

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    In actual fact they maybe right as the main factor seems to be more M$ than anything else and here's a excerpt from VIA Arena's write up on this.
    What is the loop error?

    The loop error is how Windows XP describs a critical error related to the graphics card. The loop error can and has been been reproduced with any video card and any chipset. It is by no means a new problem. Windows XP has just given it a name. If you were to plug in a faulty video card and plugged it in to any motherboard using WinXP, it will reproduce the loop error. That doesn't mean that the loop error is always caused by a faulty video card though.
    More can be read here on the problem and some solutions that may help. :smokin:


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      Apparently this card has an interesting feature: it won't work with more than 256MB od memory.