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Gigabyte GA-5AX and AMD K6-III/450

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  • Gigabyte GA-5AX and AMD K6-III/450

    constant "invalid floating point" errors and "integer overflow" messages

    applications crashing
    normally rock solid win2k floundering

    all jumpers set right, all BIOS settings correct, updated BIOS, all drivers updated, all files loaded that need to be

    bad board or simply incompatable :?: :confused:

    currently on a slow-ass epox board, but it works for now

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    I found some time ago that if you setup the operating system with any K6-2+/3/3+ with the onboard cache enabled this will happen. :(
    So if you did setup your OS while it was you are going to have to format your drive and disable the motherboard cache in the BIOS then rerun the setup again and things should then be sweet. ;)
    As you can see by my sig I run a similar setup and also have and an exact setup as yours here atm that I'm setting back up for someone. :thumb:
    For some (unknown to me) reason Windows setups do not like installing while a 3rd cache (as the CPU already has 2) is in operation. :?:


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      interesting, however, i *refuse* to have to reinstall my OS!

      i've just done that recently and have no desire to do it again

      on another note: i have had the onboard cache disabled, and the peesee takes 12 minutes to get to the desktop - not an option
      also, my current mobo, an epox mvp3c-m, has onboard cache, and this same chip - and i have no problems with it, other than being a slow board (and basically non-overclockable)

      any other ideas? :eye: :confused: