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Can this old board support new Durons?

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  • Can this old board support new Durons?


    I have FIC AZ31 Uwave (oem version) with 1Ghz ThunderBird (actually 1.333Ghz, just cannot utilize it with 200Fbs) and 512Mb of pc-133 ram in this secondary computer. It's extremy stable and running well.

    I've been trying to find out if I could use these new'er Morgan gore Durons with it (1Ghz-1.3Ghz).

    The board has VIA KT133 chip (200Fbs) and it was said to support Athlons up to 1.2Ghz and Durons upto 800Mhz when it was first released.

    I know it has no trouble using the morgan gore - but the problem might be the SSE instructions the Durons have. the TB does not have those.

    Anybody have any idea? Those 1.3Ghz Durons are dirt cheap now.

    Thanks for reading thru this. Any input welcome.


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    Actually it's very unlikely that the KT133 chipset could talk to the SSE equiped Duron and FIC's .pdf CPU table states that Athlon 1200's and Duron 800's are the only current supported maximums (which is an increase over the spec page for it which states Athlon 1GHz and Duron 750's).