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    It seems the newest line of chipsets by SiS is being pushed around for reviews by Gigabyte, it's called the Sinxp1394 or,
    8SQ800, UltraI,and UltraII. "As it is renamed to SINXP1394, we show you the new box. Photo courtesy of Gigabyte." Here's the actual link....
    Numbers for the SiS offerings aren't all that impressive at the moment, however that may be due to an undeveloped BIOS...


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    I've included here some links to reviews on the different mobo manufactures sporting the SiS 655....

    GA-SINXP1394 Review

    Asus P4SDX (BO Stepping) Review

    MSI 655 MAX SiS655) Review

    It seems that the MSI out paced the GA-SINXP1394 and the Asus P4SDX out paced everyone. Now in these reviews you gotta take into consideration that the stepping might not have been the same on these mobos reviewed(AO vs. BO), and from what I've heard, the BO stepping may yield as much as a 5%-7% gain in performance. These mobos feature just about everything. Support for DDR400,HT,Firewire,RAID,decent OC'ing BIOS...and should be much cheaper to boot then GB mobos. I've seen the GA-SINXP(no frills version, so if you don't need all the bells and whistles this may be the way to go) for sale for $112 US. If you use DDR400 and a 3.06 cpu it will fit nicely into Springdale/Canterwood chipsets due out shortly...

    Springdale/Canterwood Road Map

    Hope you enjoy the read....