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Intel's thermal plans chill fan makers

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  • Intel's thermal plans chill fan makers

    Now this is gettin' far too much like Microsoft now.

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    bad for Intel, good for AMD


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      Just for those too lazy to click. :devil:

      SOURCES SAID that a plan Intel implemented which means third party fan makers have to pay for validation, has the smaller manufacturers boiling with fury.
      At a meeting in Taiwan last year, Intel introduced the plan to the makers of cooling devices which requires them to submit their designs to a third party service for validation.

      But the cost of designing the specifications and of submitting them for validation has the smaller manufacturers grumbling, the sources said.

      Cooling devices for CPUs are becoming more sophisticated and complex to deal with the heat generated by modern microprocessors, and the plan was introduced by Intel with good intentions.

      But, as Samuel Johnson apparently didn't say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

      The up-front cost of validating a fan design through the third party can be as much as ,000, according to INQ sources, and that doesn't include the R&D work and the specs that need to be submitted.

      Intel is hosting another fiery fest this year at which it will have to listen to its fan makers whirring loudly about the charges. ยต


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        what do they mean by "validation" ? there anything stopping HSF makers from selling "unvalidated" coolers?

        Right now for Athlons - there's "AMD approved" coolers - and then ther's all the rest - I personally pay very little attention to it. I read somewhere that AMD doesn't "approve" anodized coolers ?!?

        It may turn out to mean very little - I hope so


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          I have a feelin' here that if anyone tried to sell an "unvalidated" one that Intel plans to have them in court somehow and I don't know why or how but it's just a feelin' though I do know that a lot of ppl's warranties will be voided by there use.


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            is there a good reason for intel to do this or are they just that greedy


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              Originally posted by Wiggo
              I have a feelin' here that if anyone tried to sell an "unvalidated" one that Intel plans to have them in court somehow and I don't know why or how but it's just a feelin' though I do know that a lot of ppl's warranties will be voided by there use.
              hmmmm - do you void your AMD warranty by not using an "AMD approved" HSF?

              I think the vast majority of system integrators stick w/ the retail HS ....& most who are interested in changing the HS - are likely prepared to void their warranty (by OC'ing) anyway.

              ...seems like a bit of a cash grab, they must have ex-government workers employed at Intel now


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                That's true but it didn't put others out of business and this will as the aftermarket Intel HSF's are few and far between now which means that they may just disappear all together then goodness knows how much an overclocker will pay to cool their Intel CPU's. :?:

                The AMD market is over supplied and those few companies that were just makin' ends meet won't get anymore there either but it doesn't cost them much to get on AMD's "Approved" list either (mainly just send them the unit or 2 and wait till AMD gets around to them). :(

                I just hope that they don't start M$'s "leasin' plan" next. :eek:


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                  Its to make sure HSF's that are ****e dont burn Intel new P4's. Intel doesnt want medium-small size PS integrators using an "unworthy" HSF to give Intel probs when the proc dies. Its not really aimed at us, its aimed at Voodoo, Falcon, Alienware, etc.. bc they arent large enough companies to have enough cash reserve to buy new chips should the old ones die due to a bad HSF when you, the consumer, warranty it. But Intel doesnt want to disturb business with the those comapnies, cause they can always market an AMD... a HSF manufacturer on the other hand, cant push AMD products if they have had bad dealing with Intel because thats not where a system is sold, so they dont have any marketing clout. Rather, if a HSF maunfacturer wants to make money they need to tailor themselves to the current market situation as created by Intel, PC Integrators, and the consumer. So Intel can screw the HSF manufacturer without any real repercussions (a small repercussion amy be the decrease of Intel buying in the OC community)

                  Thus, Intel wants another insurance clause to protect itself from rising temps of its new procs, and it has to screw someone to do it, the HSF guy is the easiest and less painful... bam.

                  ... i think the only relavance this has to us it that Intel has just indirectly told us its new chips are going to be running hot.


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                    It may have to be a "validated" mobo next which will mean no overclockin' at all. :(
                    <center>:insert sad devil smiley:</center>


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                      If they do that i think i may coose not to be a "validated" consumer... wait... im already not as i dont buy Intel... oh well...:geek:


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                        Someone above said AMD would love for this to happen and they are correct - at least for our enthuaists market which I remind you is about 1% of the total PC market.

                        Imagine if Intel do this, I would image many cooling companies would stop producing Intel coolers (or coolers with adapters for Intel processors) and just focus on AMD.

                        Then as a result, many enthuaists would only buy AMD processors because theres the quality OC heatsinks out for them to buy and get the most out of their processors, compared to using stock Intel coolers.

                        Silly move Intel, wake up!
                        Cameron "Mr.Tweak" Wilmot
                        Managing Director
                        Tweak Town Pty Ltd


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                          I almost hope intel does do this, and the result will be a boost to's been a loss to me why so many ppl still use intel's chips anyway


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                            Hey just imagine if ya had to be a "validated" customer to get an upgrade? :eek:

                            I was goin' to build that P4 setup this week but I'm not so sure now. :?:

                            I was goin' to use a Volcano 7+ on that too. :D


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                              You can bet that the next versions of the Intel CPU's will be hot.
                              They say the electrons leaking now are what is causing most of the heat problems and without a major change in architecture it is only going to get worse.

                              Who's validating the watercoolers:?:
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