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Hyperion 4in1 for KT133 chipset?

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  • Hyperion 4in1 for KT133 chipset?

    Okay, this may sound like an ignorant question, but here goes. I have the KT133 chipset MoBo and I installed the new Hyperion 4in1 drivers(see my signature for system details) last night hoping maybe to improve my score on 3DMark2001SE. Well I don't know for sure but it seems as though my average score has gone DOWN instead of up. My best score was 5700 before the Hyperions and after the 4in1 installation it hasn't gone above 5688 and tonight I got an all time low of 5666. Is this normal fluctuation for my scores to vary this much or should I not have installed the Hyperions for my lowly KT133 chipset? If it is the new 4in1, should I uninstall them or is that asking for even more trouble? If I do need to uninstall them, how do I go about it? Thanks for any help anyone can give me pertaining to this.

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    This is possible the most common question asked about the Hyperion (4in1) drivers. I already answer it in my guide (Do I have to install the Latest VIA Hyperions?). However because it is such a common question Iíll answer it again.

    Firstly, updating to the latest Hyperions is more about having the latest bug fixes and stability than a performance improvement. Older chipsets may not show any improvement at all, but as with any other driver, the latest version usually contains the latest bug fixes, so update.

    Secondly, not all performance can be measured by 3DMark2001, which is an artificial Direct3D benchmarking tool. It doesnít measure hard drive speed for example, nor improvements in stability under certain environments. It is also based on an older (Max Payne) 3D engine, so itís not completely indicative of recent engines.

    Lastly, even if you measure performance under 3DMark2001, you have to realise that a variation of +/- 14 points out of 5700 = 0.2% variation. That is considered negligible and you may get that sort of variation even without changing any drivers. Even a variation of +/- 5% can be considered negligible in practical terms on benchmarks.

    Bottom line: If you want the absolute fastest machine, maybe at the cost of stability and probably at the cost of bug fixes then benchmark the 4-in-1s and youíll probably find the version released around the middle of the KT133 period is the fastest. However the logic is that the latest driver has so many benefits (most of which are not readily visible) that you should be willing to sacrifice 0.2% performance in a variable benchmark.

    As always, I recommend people upgrade to the latest Hyperions. The ultimate choice is yours. In any case I feel thereís enough information here and in my FAQ for anyone with a VIA chipset to make an informed choice.
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      Thank you for the info. If I do decide to go back to using my previous 4in1 drivers(442v), do I need first to uninstall the Hyperion drivers and then install the older ones or just install the older ones with the Hyperions still in my system? If I need to uninstall the Hyperions, how do I go about doing this?:confused:


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        Again, I recommend that you stick with the latest verison of the Hyperions because it has the latest AGP Driver (AGP 4.40) and this alone gives added stability in newer games. If you do decide to switch to the 4.42v 4in1s then for instructions on how to change drivers, see my System Optimization Guide, especially page 10.

        Combine that with the info in my VIA Hyperion Guide, and you should see how you can do a "clean install" of any driver set, and also how to check the driver version and update each device manually should it be the incorrect version.

        Sorry I can't reproduce it all here, it would take a bit of time and space and it's already in the above guides.

        The driver versions for each device in previous 4in1s is listed here, for when you check each device.
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          Thanks again for your help. I have decided to keep the new Hyperion drivers, at least for now. Now I have downloaded the "RefreshForce" program but I don't really understand how to use it correctly so I haven't changed anything on my monitor settings yet, but maybe would like to if I can get better performance. I like my current 1024x768 pixel resolution on my 15" screen. I don't know what the frequency setting is on it though and am afraid to change it until I know what I'm doing. How do I change it and should I?:confused:


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            Use the autodetect settings - you don't need to manually set the refresh rate for each resolution.
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