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Switching from H97 to Z97... drivers?

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  • Switching from H97 to Z97... drivers?

    Hey all

    I just got a new z97 mobo to replace my "old" H97 one. (GA Z97-ud3h replacing H97-d3h)

    All the audio, lan etc chips are the same on these boards.... so no worries there.

    But do the Z97 and H97 use different drivers? What drivers should I replace?


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    Re: Switching from H97 to Z97... drivers?

    Since you did not say what version of Windows you are using, it makes it more difficult to answer your question. I'll assume Windows 7 64bit.

    You should run the Intel Chipset/INF file installation program again so the Z97 chipset will be identified correctly. Otherwise your current Windows installation has the chipset identified as an H97.

    The Intel IME software versions are different on the download page of these two boards.

    While the boards you have are similar, if you use your old Windows installation with the new board, and you get problems, you should install Windows again.