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Phoenix BIOS update help needed, Panasonic CF 52

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  • Phoenix BIOS update help needed, Panasonic CF 52

    Can anyone help? I have a Panasonic CF52 MK1L Laptop with a Phoenix. V1.50L12, 7/18/2007 BIOS which I want to update so I can use the built in PCI E slot and Gobi WWAN modem which are not currently picked up by the BIOS I am told by Panasonic that I need a BIOS 2.00L15 EC 2.00L11 or later so it does exist.
    Panasonic is not going to help unless I ship the Laptop back for a BIOS upgrade ($130+ postage) which is not financially viable and the Phoenix website does not help as their third party suppliers of their BIOS updates BiosAgentPlus say that they do not have an update for this BIOS but I know there is one but I do not know where to get it, please help.