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G41mt-es2l northbridge mod

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  • G41mt-es2l northbridge mod

    My old rig has a g41 chipset, and I would love 2 OC my bus past 353. 400x8 would be great =3.2ghz on my Q9400 but I cnt overvolt my northbridge. Can I mod it?

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    Re: G41mt-es2l northbridge mod

    You can't mod it, not sure what you mean though? Did you mean add a new heatsink or something, if so ya you can do that if you want.

    If you need to push past xxx FSB on the G31/G41/P41/P43, ect budget models, usually if you raise PCIE freq that will allow you to get a higher FSB. 103-108 is about as high as you should go for daily safe usage, higher for short testing or benchmarks if you want.