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VIA 133A / AGP 2x to 4x issues

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  • VIA 133A / AGP 2x to 4x issues

    I have a P3V4X and is has the VIA 133A chipset.

    I can not make my video card run at 4x. It only runs at 2x.

    I am running Windows XP Pro and I have a Apollo SIS315 Video Card. I have the latest 4 in 1 drivers from VIA, Direct X 8.1, the BIOS is set to 4x.

    My system is overclocked from a 866 to a 961.

    Can anyone help with this? This is a pain in the neck.

    Thank you

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    That usually happens when you have installed the AGP driver of the 4in1's in "Normal" mode. It needs to be installed in "Turbo" mode for 4xAGP works. ;)


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      I have the 4 in 1 Via dirvers, verison 4.42 and I don't have the opition for the turbo mode? It has the normal mode and that's it. The older verisons of the Via drivers like the 4.29 have the turbo mode opition, I thought it was a automatic install of the turbo opition with the newer drivers.



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        Yeah that is the problem with the 4n1's with for XP.

        No Turbo Mode.


        If someone knows a fix....that would be great!!!



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          well all i can suggest is the latest drivers from thats the 4.43v which just came out the other day


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            I have a P3v4x also, and i tried everything, even the WPCredit from Hoda-San, wich is the most efective way to tweak VIA mainboards.
            Enabling Via AGP4x in the register A8, lockup the system just when you start a 3d application or whatsowhever.
            I would be very pleased to be wrong but i still states:
            "VIA133A+Win2k/WinXP=AGP2x at most".
            Sorry for all of us owners of such a chipset.:cry:


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              Maybe I can find an answer to an old nagging problem I have with this computer.

              I have an MSI 6309 Motherboard , the Via Apollo 133A chipset and an AMI bios. I also have an ATI Radeon VE 32DDR video card.

              This card ran great when I had Win98SE as my OS but I upgraded it to XP Pro a while back. This is when my problem cropped up.

              If I install the native XP Pro drivers for this card everything runs ok but I loose all Open GL capabilities. If I try to install the ATI drivers I am unable to boot my system. Instead... when the system tries to boot I get an error that a system failure occured and would I like to boot from the last known good configuration.

              Is this a problem with the Via Chipset, the Video Card or my bios.

              I've never upgraded the bios or the chipset driver as I am afraid of hosing the system.


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                Updating the 4in1's is no great task,;threadid=5234 , and hasn't yet hosed a system on me. The BIOS is another matter and if you can find a technician or someone well practised in BIOS flashing get them to do it for you (while ya watch if you possiblely can). ;)

                The problem though will most likely lay with the BIOS and it not communicatin' with XP properly so the BIOS flash is very likely what's needed (most KT133A boards made before XP was released will suffer from this). :devil win


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                  Thanks Wiggo,

                  I've looked at the 4in1's but never have the courage to install them. I guess I should just jump in with both feet.

                  As far as the bios goes, MSI has a thing called live update which supposedly tells you which version of bios you are running and then lists out the updates that you need. I haven't tried it yet but they say it's pretty safe... hmmm.....brings the hairs on the back of my neck to attention thinking about it.


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                    It's high time you learn your ABC's of 4in1's then.
                    Nothing to worry about, just a bit of research required - like everything else:thumb:
                    The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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                      Your right... Time to dive right in...

                      I think I discovered another problem in the bios. It has the type of video card as a PCI card and not AGP. I believe the ATI Radeon VE is AGP but it's one of those things where I have to pop the door and look to make sure.

                      I've been inside hundreds of times and replaced CDRW's, Firewires HD's and Memory but I can't remember where the card is plugged into. doh!

                      I don't mess with the bios setting usually and this is a replacement motherboard from my original. The switch went out on the old one a while back...

                      I'm getting ready to put in a new CDRW drive today so will check things out when I'm in there.

                      If the card is AGP I will change the bios setting and see what that does.. Then update the 4 in 1's.

                      Wish me luck!


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                        I changed my primary graphics card to AGP in the Bios without incident. I've installed 2 of the three Via 4 in 1 drivers. I'm still unable to update the Via Standard CPU to PCI Bridge even after trying all the hints in the other forum thread. It remains as a Microsoft driver.

                        My bios is also set to

                        PnP Aware OS---->NO

                        Should I change that to yes?

                        After setting all of this do you think it will be safe to try and install the ATI drivers for my Radeon VE card?


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                          You can try PnP Aware OS on yes but if you have any probs just change it back (as ya have XP now I'd leave it alone).

                          I'm not sure why ya havin' probs gettin' that other driver in but you should be safe enough to install the Radeon though. ;)


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                            I'll leave the bios seems to know it's a pvp aware os all on it's own.

                            I'll give the Radeon drivers a try later on tonight...*gulp*

                            Thanks for your help, it's much appreciated!


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                              Just remember to change your video card back to a standard PCI VGA adaptor in XP 1st if it isn't already. ;)