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EP45-UD3R -- ICH10 or ICH10R?

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  • EP45-UD3R -- ICH10 or ICH10R?

    Hi -- have a question about the Intel Controller on my Giga-Byte EP45-UD3R. Is it an ICH10 or ICH10R? Anyone know? TIA

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    Re: EP45-UD3R -- ICH10 or ICH10R?

    Its an ICH10R :) R = RAID capabilities.


    GIGABYTE - Product - Motherboard - Specification - GA-EP45-UD3R (rev. 1.0)
    Asrock P55-Extreme
    Core I5 @ 3.2GHZ
    2x2GB G.skill Ripjaws DDR3 1600
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      Re: EP45-UD3R -- ICH10 or ICH10R?

      Many thanks -- I wondered about that R.


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        Re: EP45-UD3R -- ICH10 or ICH10R?

        Yeap, R means RAID Capable in Gigabyte model names.

        For others who may wonder what the rest is sometime in the future, here is some of the name scheme >>

        P version boards have TPM Chips. Here is some more info on the name schemes for anyone who may look up this info later >>>

        * GA: Gigabyte

        * E: Energy saving technology
        * P45: Chipset

        * D: Ultra Durable 2 (low rds mosfet, ferrite core chokes, all solid capacitors)

        * UD3 Ultra Durable 3 (2oz Copper in PCB, low rds mosfet, ferrite core chokes, all solid capacitors)

        * L: Lite "lite" or entry level. For example, the DS3L has only 3-phase power or another example Only one PCIe x16

        * R: RAID The R version(s) have RAID, & are "mainstream" level

        * S3 Stands for Speed-Smart-Safe

        * S4: Adds silent pipe cooling

        * S5: Includes smart backup (Including all of S4's features)

        * P: Includes TPM. The P version(s)are "pro" or high level, with more ports etc (P45 DS3R, DS4P, DS5, DQ6 have TPM support)

        * Q: Gigabyte Flagship product with all features included
        Also, see Wiki for more >>
        Gigabyte Technology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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          Re: EP45-UD3R -- ICH10 or ICH10R?

          Yes in deed, in fact you can see in the specification, UD3 has SB ICH10, and UD3R has SB ICH10R-raid.
          E6300@ 3.920ghz 1.312V:D
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