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Northbridge chilly and working fine!!!

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  • Northbridge chilly and working fine!!!

    I got some silver 5 TP and a northbridge cooler, I think its called the Blue Ice or something by coolermaster. The temp has decresed about 11C in the n-bridge! I also put the thermal paste on my GPU and CPU, not much of a dif for the CPU only about 1-2C and the same for the GPU. I was afraid of messing up the system by smearing the paste around but its fine. My comp still freezes though, but the beeping comes from the speakers, I still suspect the X-fi. Should I put thermal paste on the x-fi heatsink???
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    Re: Northbridge chilly and working fine!!!

    Are you sure your problem is heat related? I don't think putting thermal paste on the xfi heatsink will solve your problem, but i could be wrong. Your comp freezing could be a driver related issue or a hardware conflict. Does this freeze occur while gaming by any chance?

    I actually owned an xfi extreme music myself but kept getting BSODs. My problem was an IRQ conflict with my nvidia cards in SLi and the xfi. The xfi was sharing the same IRQ as one of my video cards. I got fed up trying to fix the problem so i ended up just swapping my XFi for an audigy.
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