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  • nForce4 SLI and Ultra

    Whats the difference between these 2 chipsets? I know SLI can use 2 video cards in one mobo, does ultra too? They are priced bout the same then wats the advantage of Ultra over SLI. Im just a casual gamer so Im not really crazy bout playing games so I dont really consider getting 2 video cards in my system (even if I can buy one later), so should I get Ultra than SLI?

    There are 3 mobos that are on my list: GA K8NF-9 (nForce4), ASUS A8N-E (nForce4 Ultra) and GA K8N Ultra SLI (nForce4 SLI). There are priced at AU$175, AU$205 and AU$215 respectively. So which is the best mobo among these? Note that if there is cheaper n better mobo I just cant get it here.


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    Re: nForce4 SLI and Ultra

    The normal nForce4 chipset is for those that want PCI-E and not much else. The Ultra chipset is VERY close to the SLI chipset.

    SLI(scaleable link interface) Allows you to have 2 video cards working together to produce one image. This makes games a lot faster but costs quite a lot to make work as you need to have 2 high end PCI-E cards(6600GT-6800U). The ultra chipset does not allow for this option. Though DFI does have an nForce4 Ultra motherboard that has two PCI-E slots. There are ways to "MOD" the Ultra boards to make them SLI boards BUT nVidia has compensated for this in thier newer drivers so it is pretty much not an option unless you like running on old, inferior drivers.

    If you plan on only using one video card then get an Ultra chipset. If you would like to have the option to have 2 video cards but not nessesarly SLI then maybe this will appeal to you.(I dont know any AUS sites but you should be able to find it at whatever site you are used to using)



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      Re: nForce4 SLI and Ultra

      Amd_Lover has it covereed :)