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  • Upgrading Motherboard

    I noticed that a lot of expert people visit this forum, so I hope I'll find an answer to my question.

    It's basically a newbie question, just because I never changed a motherboard. As I mentioned in a previous thread, I've got an Abit Motherboard with a VIA KT 133/A chipset.

    I want to change MoBoard cause the chipset's FSB is the half of the processor's (Athlon Thunderbird 1400 MhZ).
    I've chosen an ABIT KV7 KT600, which I think is economic but still has possibilities to be upgraded in the future (400 MhZ FSB).

    My question may sound silly but I don't know if there will be problems connecting all the internal devices I already have to the new Motherboard I'm going to buy. I bought my computer 3 years ago and I actually don't know if things have changed in the connections (I'm speaking of thing like the ATA stuff...) between motherboard and Hard disk, CD reader...
    I have an additional new HD with 80 GB, there shouldn't be problems, but with the older HD? ( I don't know its technical specs... I only know it's 20 GB :? ) Will I be able to connect it to the new MoBo??

    And what about the processor? is there something that could make it impossible to place my Thunderbird on such a Motherboard?
    In general, what problems could I get stuck in while trying to change the Motherboard to a new one?

    Ok, that's all... :?

    Thanks in advance for your answers :wink:

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    I would have gone with an nForce2 based board, but that's just my input on the deal.

    With regards to your concerns, everything should fit just fine except for the memory (you'll need DDR and if I recall, the KT133 boards all used SDRAM). The only exception to this may be the video board if it is an older model. Most newer boards require either a 4x or 8x AGP video board. This is because of the power requirements; the older boards used more juice and the newer mainboards don't supply it.

    As to the processor, it is still a Socket A design so will fit in the newer board. You'll probably have to adjust the settings manually, however, since most newer processors run at a much higher FSB speed.

    The old hard drive is still perfectly workable, but I would connect it to the other channel if you have room since it will slow down the newer 80GB drive.

    Hope this helps out a bit. :)
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      Thanks alot for your answers Drathanion :wink: