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  • Via KT880

    There is a new chipset from VIA, the KT880, it have dual channel and similar performance to N-force 2!!
    Review from Tom's Hardware!
    Anybody know what company will produce mainboard using this chipset?

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    Seems this one by Soltek is available now at NewEgg
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      i think VIA missed the boat with this one; probably too little too late. To my knowledge, AMD isn't planning on making any more additions to the XP line. nForce2 based mobos can be found quite cheap these days; not to mention the nForce2 is a proven chipset while VIA has it's own reputation to contend with. The only chance the KT880 will have is if it proves to be vastly superior and cheaper than the nForce2 ulra 400. However, i think i will wait to see some reviews from somewhere other than THG before i make any decisions.

      As for manufacturers, that will depend on the quality of this chipset and it's popularity, but i suspect some of the major builders will probably pick it up eventually. Although i seriously doubt they will make a wide assortment of motherboards with it.