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  • Memory for Intel Mobo


    Hi ppl,

    Upgraded my PC a month ago and got 1Gb of VData PC3200 at same time so it all worked ok. I'm about to splash out on 1Gb of decent memory - hence this question:

    On an Intel Canterwood Mobo am I right in assuming that 4 strips of 256Mb would give me better results than 2 strips of 512Mb? Overclocking etc shall be taking place once its all burnt in after a week.

    I got the impression from THG that Intel mobos prefer 4 strips and AMD mobos prefer 2 strips to make 1Gb of memory.

    I'm looking at either:
    OCZ 1GB (2x512MB) PC4200 Dual Channel EL-DDR CAS2.5
    OCZ 1GB (4x256MB) PC4000 Dual Channel Gold Series DDR CAS2.5

    Any advice gratefully received.

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    LOL - I'm amazed at the lack of response.

    Anyway, I've ordered Corsair Platinum TwinX 1GB DDR XMS4400 CAS3 - might be here for the weekend, so question is immaterial now.:D Thx for looking anyway.


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      Intel works worse with 4 sticks than with 2, and your gonna be disappointed with ya PC4400 there, nice Cas2 PC3500 is loads better