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Intel Microcode Upgrade

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  • Intel Microcode Upgrade

    I was trying to get info from Intel phone tech support
    concerning a microcode update utility for one of my P4
    processors. I was confounded with their total refusal to
    provide any helpful info about availability of this utility.

    Can anyone enlighten me as to a backdoor resource
    for these update utilities?


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    I received a email reply from Intel Processor Tech support
    answering my question as to how I update the
    processor microcode in one of my Intel motherboard /
    processor machines. The machine was a D845pebt2
    mb with a Intel 3.06c processor. The Intel tech guy
    claimed that the microcode was upgraded ( if necessary)
    by running the Intel (from their website) bios upgrade.

    Well and good.

    This machine has the ouboard audio and 100 mb
    lan. I run the raid setup with two seagate sata
    drives. It`s rock steady with Windows XP Pro.

    P.S. The Intel Tech guy I talked to on the phone
    suggested I take my machine down to dell or
    someplace similar and have them run the upgrade
    utility for me. I could see that.