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  • Pll???????

    Well I need some help. I'm trying to change the fsb speed on my Pcchips m787clr motherboard with Cpucool. This seems to be the only way seeing as you can't adjust the fsb in the BIOS. I can't find what pll is used on this board and I don't want to crack the case because it's still under warranty. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


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    A PII under warranty?
    That's one lengthy warranty, or you found a real close-out sale there.
    Is the manufacturer of the system still in business?

    My 2 cents worth = crack open the case.

    If you fry the CPU somehow, you can replace it for less than $40 (US $'s that is).

    If you mind your P's and Q's though, chances are you will come to no harm.

    No, not likely you will find any FSB adjustments within that old BIOS. But you might find some jumpers on the mobo while your in there.


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      OOps! I didn't mean a Pentium 2 I meant the type of phase lock loop "PLL"(sorry should have used uppercase) used on the Pcchips m787clr motherboard. Pcchips' website is useless for information on such things,and I've scaned the web, trust me.

      -thanks for replying so soon