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S3 Graphics Announces Top to Bottom Graphics Processor Famil

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  • S3 Graphics Announces Top to Bottom Graphics Processor Famil

    Fremont, California 16 September 2003 - S3 Graphics Inc., a leading supplier to the 3D graphics accelerator market, today announced full support for the new PCI Express Initiative with a full line of high performance graphics processors for desktop and mobile personal computers. The product family, planned for the second half of 2004, will cover the high end, mainstream and value segments of the 3D accelerated GPU market and take full advantage of the expanded bandwidth capabilities of PCI Express.

    For the high performance segment, the new graphics processor will boast a totally new architecture that will rival the best contemporary technologies, with flexible graphics processing pipelines to focus the power where it is needed for dramatically increased performance. New design and test techniques are being developed to increase product yield so that the latest fabrication technology can be employed to reduce production costs. The mainstream segment product will outpace competitors’ price performance ratios while supporting the latest Direct 3D standard. The optimal graphical pipeline complexity will be applied to retain the critical minimal chip size to keep the welterweight proportions necessary for this segment. For the value segment, a feature-rich low cost solution is planned incorporating the PCI Express interface for the larger volume market.

    All of the new PCI Express-enabled product family will share common features that enhance the PC graphical experience. The latest technology 3D is standard equipment, but a host of exciting features such as the next generation Chromotion Programmable Video engine, native HDTV support, 2DXP acceleration, hardware rotation and ultra low power will add capability that is beyond just 3D.

    “S3 Graphics is already retooling to meet the upcoming trends in the industry. PCI Express is the future and we intend to be there from top to bottom,” said Dr. Gerry Liu, VP of Marketing at S3 Graphics, Inc.

    About S3 Graphics, Inc.

    S3 Graphics, Inc., a VIA Technologies joint venture company, is a leading supplier to the 3D enabled PC graphics market it pioneered. Today, S3 Graphics ships low power, high performance, Commercial Grade 3D graphics sub-systems to top tier notebook manufacturers. In addition, S3 Graphics integrates market-leading chipset technology from VIA Technologies, Inc. into shared memory architecture products for the high volume, value PC market. Headquartered in Fremont, California, S3 Graphics has a long-term commitment to top performance, quality and state-of-the-art features for desktop and mobile applications. Additional information can be found at the Company’s website at