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  • My pc locks up


    I am having big trouble getting a Geforce 3 Ti200 to work.

    My system was:

    Duron 700
    640mb ram
    Geforce 2/mx
    Sound Blaster Live
    CD Writer/DVD Combo
    2 Nics

    I upgraded to a DURON 1200 as this was as high as I could go without a board upgrade. This seemed to go fine and everything still worked. I could run a 3dMark test fine.

    But after installing the Geforce 3 Ti200 the sytem has become very unstable. It randomly locks up, this is generally when trying to run 3dmark2001, but it also does it whatever I happen to be doing.

    When I put the geforce 2 back in the system runs fine(although does lock up very occasionally). The Geforce 3 does share an IRQ with about every card in the system(2 network cards, sblive) but I'm not convinced that is the problem as the Geoforce 2 did the same. Is this just because of ACPI?

    After hours and hours and hours of trying different bios settings and different drivers I had just about given up. I have also tried this from a clean install and with Windows 98 dual booted. I have tried installing XP as a standard pc rather than using ACPI but I still get lock ups. I have changed the AGP aperture size but still get problems. Someone sufggested changing the AGP driving from Auto to Manual and changing the setting to FF(as this increases the AGP?), I don't know if this will help.

    I wondered if the problem is heat related so I checked the temp is bios and it told me the CPU was running at 59c. I'm not sure if this is okay. When I replaced the CPU, I just put the same fan in (not sure if this was wise or not?), I am also unsure if I need to put some heatsink compound on as well.

    I am now thinking that my problem is power. The Duron 700 run at 1.5v( I think) and the new one runs at 1.75, so do I need to change anything? The bios detected the new chip correctly. I am also running the latest bios version.

    I have read that many people with a KT133 board are having problems with Geforce 3 Ti200 cards and the AGP driver. I don't know if this affects me or not. My board is a ECS K7VZA(ver 1).

    I have now convinced myself the the power supply must be the problem, as I presume that the duron 1200 would take more power than the 700.Does the Geforce 3 Ti200 use more power than the Geforce 2?

    I have checked my current supply and it it only 235w, so I am wondering if increasing the video and Processor speed has pushed my power supply over the edge.

    I know the card works fine as I tested it in a PIII 500 machine(250w).

    Any ideas anyone please.

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    Power problems could be a very distinct possibility, as the GF2 MX only uses about 4W of power. The GF3 Ti200 can use upwards of 25W, so there could be a shortfall there. A 235W power supply is definately not enough, all Duron systems should have at least 250W (300 is recommended). Try changing the PSU and see what happens :smokin:
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      I'm goin' with the PSU as well as I've seen this prob a few times now when ppl have made this jump. :smokin:


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        it was also mentioned about a heatsink and goop.

        i think if u used a stock duron Heatsink it sould work relatively well, however if neglected a TIM altogether, i would recommend getting something onto that straight away.

        i still tend towards it being the PSU that is your trouble - but think that you may also want to uprade your heatsink esp if its a stocky one and u want the max life out of that processor,
        - just so you know, my duron 600 runs at 933 with a minicopper orb, using some generic goop my max temps were usually 38-40, now i changed to Arctic Silver 3, and my temps ar 35-36, i can hardly believe such a difference, anywayz, review coming on OCM shortly...


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          The exact same thing was happening to a friend of mine except he was running a KT266, could be a similar problem. It ends up a lot of people are having trouble running newer, higher end video cards (my friend was running a geforce 3 ti 500) on some of via's motherboards. His geforce 3 wasn't recieving enough power, and whenever he tried to run intensive 3D applications the card would start sucking power, and wouldn't recieve enough (it would stop responding and give him an infinite loop error . . . ). He had to go into the registry and fiddle around with some settings. I would check at via's tech support forums, I believe that is where he found his solution.


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            Another prob could be the dreadded "NV loop" which is associated with 21.xx and 23.xx drivers and then it is a matter of experimenting with other driver versions to really get rid of the problem. :smokin:


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              Look here for more info regarding the "NV Loop" error...

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