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    So, what is this new App?

    Intel are about to launch a new application which will enable the enthusiast to make changes to their Intel desktop board from within Windows. This of course is not necessarily good news for everyone, but if you have an Intel D875PBZ, or D865PERL mainboard you are in luck. You will be able to make some interesting changes from within this attractive and easy to use GUI. It will carry the following feature set:

    1 - Easy to use, attractive GUI.
    2 - Performance altering speeds, for example memory, FSB etc.
    3 - Stress Test, this will put a load on the CPU to see if the system is stable (Testing cooling etc).
    4 - Set the fan speed and the speed up thresholds.
    5 - Put a logo custom logo on the boot screen. (Saves using the current Splash.exe).

    At the end of the day this will not interest every user on the market since not many people have Intel made mainboards in their systems, however, this is a step in the right direction and a type of 'endorsement' from Intel towards overclocking.

    The application is a convergence (Ed. Nice Intel word there!) of the current applications which Intel have available for their boards, bringing an end user friendly environment to the 'masses'.

    This won't work on the mass OEM boards which Intel ship, it has to be one of the targeted boards. But I see in the future more of a shift towards performance boards from Intel.

    We have seen some shots of this and it does look just as we have stated above....

    Cameron "Mr.Tweak" Wilmot
    Managing Director
    Tweak Town Pty Ltd