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Sceptre X23s-Naga - 23.1" LCD ?

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  • Sceptre X23s-Naga - 23.1" LCD ?

    I am thinking about getting a Sceptre X23s-Naga - 23.1" LCD display to finish off my completely immersive gaming experience. Here's a LINK to a site with some stats on it. With a 10ms rise and 15ms fall would this be good for intense 3D (first person) gaming?? How about the dot pitch, good? bad? just ok?? I don't know much about LCD technology and was hoping someone out there would help me gain some "clue" in this arena. :) Thanks!!

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    God, you know your lonely when your only reply to a post is yours. LOL! Oh well... So, self, since you spent the day educating me about LCD tech (well, to a certain extent), you found out that a 25ms refresh (rise + fall = general refresh speed) is very good for such a large monitor. It'll be fine for 3D gaming. I think you should buy it! Yeah, I think I will!! Cool, thanks... No problem! :)

    See how I get my self into these things?? Literally. And, yes, I know, I need serious professional help.


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      lol... we'll I am just determined to make this thread live, and it's all about me. ;) The LCD should arrive this Wednesday, for any interested parties. I will write a nice review when I have more hands on data. . .