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Diff Between Audigy2 and Audigy2 Platinum?

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  • Diff Between Audigy2 and Audigy2 Platinum?

    Hey guys! I'm looking for a new sound card for a range of gaming, editing, but mostly MP3 music. I've got a great speaker set, Logitech 4.1 Z-560 THX, and want to know is it worth spending all the extra money for the Audigy2 platinum, instead of just the card Audigy2?
    The do mostly the same things, but i guess my big question is will my MP3's sound any better with the Platinum one?
    I don't need all the Platinum's recording stuff and so many inputs etc. but the remote does look nice. Can you program the remote to use with an Mp3 Program?
    Thanx! :afro:

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    here's a link that shows the features of those 2 boards;

    I'm a bit confused though, do you want great sound or features.
    Because if sound is what you are after;

    Combine that with an MP3 player that uses the DirectShow API and you should get some real nice sound.
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      man buy tthe vibra, cost like 10 bucks