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  • CD-R Media Compatibility

    Well Overclockers Australia have this thread on their forums, so let's "TweakTownise" it a bit ;)

    What experiences, good or bad, have you had with CD-R discs? Share them here! If you've found a good deal, tell us how much and where, or if you have a spindle of 100 that won't burn - tell us!

    Right now, my AOpen CRW9624 (6x4x24 IDE) burner just died after performing about 4,000 burns - a very nice life span. I now have a Creative CD-RW1611E (16x10x40 IDE) which is most impressive - bought for only A$147 (wholesale).

    I picked up in December a spindle of 50 Princo CD-R's that refused to burn in the AOpen burner - they burn flawlessly in the Creative one. A$22.95 for a spindle of 50, and even though they are only 74 minute discs they are good value at 46c/disc :)

    Anyone got any thoughts they want to share?
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    $35 Mr. Data 12x, 80min/700MB CD's (spindle of 50) - they work perfectly on my Ricoh MP7120A(12x10x32) with only 2 or 3 "power calibtarion errors" per a spindle

    Imation ones on the other hand (16x 80min/700MB)... i keep getting the "power calibration" errors with them... disk after disk after disk :(
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      well i got a creative MU-CR161040 16x10x40 and have not made 1 coaster yet, wich is rather surprising considering my slow as ide channels.
      2x pack of 10 sony 16x 80min's for $11 ;) at the melb markets

      all are perfect :)
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        I use a Sony 8x4x32 at home and at work.. Been using the 74 and 80 min Princo CD's.. seem to work fine. some people do have a problem with them, but i haven't burnt a coaster in a long time.

        Also been using the Imation ones when I burn for other people.. they seem to be a good little CD too. no problems with them.

        Got a spindle of Verbatim 74min at work. about 10 left there, no probs..


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          I am using a TDK 24x10x40 at home and a TDK 12x10x32 at work with TDK certified media 80 minute and the PNY Black Diamond 80 minute and have not had a coaster in a long time. Well one coaster but it was my fault. I didn't finalize session on a audio CD. My girlfriend is using a Philips 8x4x24 i give her with Imation 80 minute media and she makes constant coasters. We are both using Nero Burning Rom on XP Pro.


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            I've been using Kangurex Platinum CD-R's forever basically, will need to buy some new ones soon since I got my faulty Sony 8/4/32 repalced with a 16/10/40! :bounce:


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              Oh yes, and I haven't had any problems with them. They are 80min / 700mb, I usually fill them right up to the brim as well. :afro:


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                Moving to the Audio and Visual forum.


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                  Used kodak 650meg/74min Gold/Silvers for ages until my local shops stopped supplying them. (Changed over to the cheaper, yet crappier Imation 80mins)

                  I buy Verbatim Metal/Super AZOs now. Burn very nicely with my LiteOn. Out of 150 Verbatims, only 2 were duds.

                  Failing Verbatims, I get Sony 16x blanks from the post office. Nice price, nice performance. They dont like being written on at 24x (~22x real) though.


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                    I use the 80 minute Imation. Not a single coaster with them, but had a few duds with the 74 minute disk. 3M worked fine as well, but there 74 min disk were an eye sore. Verbatim 80 min has been very good as well, probably my favorites.

                    Using Lite One 24x.
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