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Creative Audigy pin layout?

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  • Creative Audigy pin layout?

    Howdy from Colorado USA!
    I just built a new system from the ground up, and spoiled myself a bit with a sweet Skyhawk Galaxy case. It came with front USB, Firewire and Mic/Headphone jacks. I found the Firewire pin layout for the Audigy Gamer card I have so I can hook that up, but I haven't been able to discern whether I can use the pins for the Audigy Drive to hook up the existing Mic/Headphone jacks. I had to disable the onboard sound to run the Audigy, so those pins are out and I can't afford the Audigy Drive, nor do I want to take up a full 5 1/2" bay' hook up audio cables in the front/center of my PC, or leave dead cables laying about inside my case.....seems kinda stupid. I read that Creative keeps the pin layout a secret in order to get you for nearly another Ben Franklin. Does anyone know the pin layout or how to find out which are the proper ones?
    Thanks in advance,


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    I've got the Sound Blaster Live! card.

    My new PC case comes with front headphone and microphone jacks and USB ports but I have no idea where I should connect the cables to my card...I'd love it use headphones from the front rather than from the back (my speakers don't have headphone jacks on them :/ )