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Back to the old skool (486) and stuck!!

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  • Back to the old skool (486) and stuck!!

    :( Iv just rescued an "old school" 486 pc from the scrapheap, but im missing one cable for it, the vga connector from the back of the monitor to the pc. It looks like it is of the D shape type at both ends and has a fifteen pin connection (both pc and monitor). Can anyone shed any light on what type of cable is required?, where i can get one (uk suppliers if poss!!), and whether the pc and monitor are compatible, or am i just wasting my time and should i just condemn the whole lot to the scrapheap?!?!?!!

    cheers all:cheers:

    ps: old pcs dont grow old and die they just end up in my spare bedroom!

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    Any good large PC store should carry the monitor cable you require (sorry but I'm not up on UK stores) as some monitors still use a detachable cable (like my Compaq P70 or any other that has BNC support). ;)


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      Cheers wiggo, got it sussed oot, its a vga 15pin male to male monitor cable (5.99) fae, just too tired to suss it last night, gotta learn to stop finishing 12 hr shifts then spending another 3-4 hours messing bout the net! b4 goin 2 sleep each night.

      :geek: Let the resurrection commence