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Audigy software without the CD?

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  • Audigy software without the CD?

    Dont know if you folks can help out or not. I recently bought Soundblaster Audigy Gamer but ended up losing the software bundled with the hardware. I was able to get the drivers from Creative's website (im guessing they were the full drivers since sound is coming out of my speakers... which would make the guide on this website kinda obsolete i suppose). It also included EAX's goldmine and the oozic player, both of which are pretty well useless.

    What im wondering is if there's a way to get the rest of the software without having to shell out 13 bucks more to Creative? Ive been able to find some Audigy software through Compaqs website, but ive read that the software there is strictly for Compaq computers... (im wondering if that only applies to drivers though). I tried Kazaa with no luck and cant seem to get anywhere through my Google searches. Any help would be appreciated.

    Im gonna go ahead and download the Audigy software pack from Compaq and get back to you folks on my luck with that (in case yer interested).
    Thanks in advance

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    I certainly wouldn't use the Compaq ones as Compaq do strange things to their PC's which is why they sometimes need special software. :no:

    Unless ya prepared for a possible format job. ;)

    I'm not sayin' it won't work but there are plenty of freeware/shareware programs out there better than the ones Creative bundle. :)


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      ok, well ill take your advice then... can you point me out to some freeware/shareware then?


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        If you get ahold of me I will copy my software and send it to you or put it on KaZaA for you, Just let me know.