I think there might be a simple solution to this.

I sent my asus desktop computer to get the memory fixed and replaced because the memory failed,
Before i call them back again and send away the computer, I would like your opinion.

running Windows 10
model: ASUS M32 Desktop PC (AMD A10-7800/2TB HDD/16GB RAM/Windows 10) : Everyday Computing - Best Buy Canada

1. My usb ports are not working in the front of the computer, but the audio plug in is. The USB ports are working in the back of the computer.

2. When I watch Netflix, or other videos on you-tube, etc, for maybe every 10 minutes, the computer freezes while watching the video and produces this buzzing sound.
When I disabled one sound driver, it's now about every 40 minutes. Sometimes the buzz sound would stop and the audio continued, but the screen would still be frozen as well.
The computer doesn't give me any error windows, I just need to force restart it because the screen is frozen.

I checked the drivers, and tried disabling an audio driver, because there was two active:
sound video and game controllers:
a) amd high definition audio <--- disabled this one
b) realtek high definition audio

I tried updating the drivers as well, but it says its already up to date.

I've been googling for days,