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    Hello everyone I am looking to invest into a really good sound set. I'm talking about a sound card, 5.1 speakers, and any other sound accessories. I would like any opinions and advice. Just in case, my system components are listed below. I have a VIA chipset on my mobo.

    Thank You

    :D :)

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    Well with 5.1's are you aware that the center speaker does nothing unless you play certain DVD's?

    Shall I recommend the Logitech Z-560's? Or maybe the Altec Lansing 641's? There are alot of them outthere. For a soundcard there are several good ones but because I don't use any of them and I'm a creative person (creative as in company not creative as in good imagination) I guess I"M recommending something from the Live! series or the Audigy series.


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      SBL! are very nice. And for speakers I suggest you go to an electronic store near you and listen to them. Can' tell wheteher a speaker set is going to be goo or not without listening to them...


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        Klipsch 5.1 speakers

        sound card - Turtle Beach Santa Cruz


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          I think if he is going to be playing video games more than playing DVD's he would be better off with 4.1


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            you can still use 5.1 speakers for games. It just won't necessarily use the centre channel. if you can afford 5.1s, then go for it


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              Well even if he can afford it, it might not be worth it if he only watches DVD's once a month or something...


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                ahem, ****cough****Hercules Game Theatre XP

                just clearing my throat:D
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                  yeah hercules is the shiznit ! I got the game surround fortissimo 2 and it kicks major you know what I also got some kinyo game zone 5.1's they're nice and have built in decoding if your sound card doesn't have the extra outs


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                    I'm new to these forums but I'll throw my two cents in. If you are look for a sub $200 speaker system I think the Z650 from logitech and the altec lansing 641's are the two serious contenders. Their prices are practically identical and their performance is very close too. Before I decided (I ended up with 641) I read numerous reviews and it seemed to me that the Z650 is better at raw, very powerful bass whereas the 641, while it still backs some *****in base, is clearer. The 641 I have performs very well, and can definitely bring the noise :D One concern with the 641 is size as it is truly large, the subwoofer is bigger than my midtower pc case and the satelites are much larger than most competitors. Listen to them both if you can.

                    As for the card I use a sound blaster live 5.1 and that works pretty well. I wish the signal to noise ratio were a little higher to avoid the static when no sound is playing but it's not that big a deal, it was cheap and gets the job done.


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                      I've been looking to buy a new card myself, now the audigy 2 is out I've seen the first audigy around as an oem pretty cheap. Anyone know if its worth the jump from a Live to an audigy in terms of game and music quality? Weirdly enough everywhere I look the audigy platinum 2 is cheaper then the first one :mad: , its annoying, i'd love the connectivity and I was hoping it'd drop in price now its outdated.


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                        Cambridge Soundworks 5.1, 6 speaker sys, sound excellent, listen to classical, Audigy gamer,


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                          I got the Logitec Z-640 and an Audigy ES and for $200 they kick ass.

                          I was NOT happy to find the center speaker doesn't work in games, but after playin with EAX sound, found I didn't need it at all.

                          If you want a cheap set that does a good job, check out Z-640s. Although if you are willing to pay more, I'd look at getin Audigy 2 with some Z-680 speakers.

                          That'll set you back like $700 though :\