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    Is there a problem with using integrated sound? I was planning on using the sound on my EPOX AK5A3+. These people seem to think there is a problem with it:

    I'm building my computer to play games, and I have never really cared abot sound quality. If it is going to decrease the performace of my machine, I'll want to buy a sound card.

    Justin K.

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    The sound on most current mobos isn't too bad, and some are accually pretty good. With processors being as fast as they are today, unless you are a super game freak, you would probably not miss the clock ticks that onboard sound uses. Drivers for onboard sound have improved greatly in recent times as well. I have built several business boxes this year and used onboard sound in all of them. No setup problems with any of them. Try the onboard sound. If for some reason it dosen't meet your needs, then drop in a sound card.


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      Yes these days you'd have to have a very good ear to pick the difference between between the sound on that board and a sound card. ;)