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"degauss" a monitor

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  • "degauss" a monitor

    What does it mean to "degauss" a monitor? My monitor has this setting on it... Thanks ahead.

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    Push the button & see how the picture gyrates and then restores itself.

    To degauss (pronounced dee-GOWS ) is to demagnetize. Degaussing a computer display removes any undesirable magnetic field that may have built up within the display, causing distortion of the image or color. Display monitor s with cathode ray tube (


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      Well.......due to how a monitor/TV operates. You have the color guns and the screen with the chemicals behind the glass and that's how you get the pixels. Now I don't know for sure how that works but as for deguasing. Eventually in a monitor I guess it happens every couple of months? There will be a magnetic build up on the color guns and the screen and it will cause blurring of colors. Or pixels not showing up where they are supposed to be. WHen you hit the degause button or function it will have an ultra high intentense electric discharge just for the perfect amount of seconds and it the perfect spot. The act of this happeneing is clearing out the magnetism. Typical monitors of today like mine for example. Will automatically degause everytime the monitor is turned on. There fore that function is pretty much useless. If you don't know I guess to be on the safe side you can degause your monitor every couple of months to maybe every few years. It won't be dangerous to do it every few days though I happen to think it looks and sounds cool when I do it. But then again on the other hand it does suck alot of the life out of the monitor every time you degause.


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          You're welcome.