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Getting one more SPDIF out from mobo

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  • Getting one more SPDIF out from mobo

    Hi all,

    I need a SPDIF Coax OUT.

    The only header left unused is the SPDIF_O that is meant to be connected to an add-on video card. It has 2 pins (SPDIFO, GND).

    There is also a bracket for SPDIF out like in this link Gigabyte Motherboard Digital Cox SPDIF out Audio Cable - eBay (item 260347864468 end time Apr-16-09 06:18:19 PDT) that has a 3 pin connector (Power, SPDIFO, GND).

    There is space on the mobo to use the 3 pin connector with the 2 pin header.

    1. Are the respective SPDIFO pin signals compatible?
    2. Do I need to provide power to the Power pin? If yes, what is the required voltage?

    More details:
    I have a Gigabyte GA-EG45M-DS2H mobo. It has headers for SPDIF in and out, and there are brackets with the necessary connectors to get the signal out of the case. It comes with SPDIF Optical out next to the HDMI connector directly on the mobo.

    The only header that supports SPDIF_O from factory is a combo for audio in/out used for digital or analog audio (set via BIOS) and now it is connected to the front case in/out audio analog connectors. If I use it for SPDIF Coax out in the back I lose the front audio.

    As an workaround now I'm using an external SPDIF Optical to Coax convertor that requires its own power adaptor.