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built-in fonts in printers?

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  • built-in fonts in printers?

    My first and only printer I've owned is a HP 670C printer. After four years it SUCKS! I'm looking to get a new printer; perhaps the Lexmark Z45. My main concern is text print-quality. I've gone to the store and I noticed that even their top-end printers with 2400x1200 resolution produces text that aren't straight(they tend to bleed). Am I setting my standards too high or is this normal for inkjet printers? I would think the quality would be comparable to the prints you would see in magazines and textbooks.

    I've been reading on some printers having built-in fonts. What exactly do these built-in fonts do to improve print quality if at all? Does this mean to get the best possible print I should use those same fonts in my documents?