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What is a good tv tuner card?

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  • What is a good tv tuner card?


    I'm looking for a tv tuner card; mainly to copy tv series and movie from vhs. But i'm a real noob in this field, so if someone can gimme a suggestion then i really appreciate it. Like i said that I need the card for capture but not watching, so fill me up pls :D

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    I have been using a cheap Hauppauge WinTV Go Tuner card ($60.00) and has been working great. But they also have much better models available like WinPVR if you can afford it. Ati also makes sweet cards so get the one that fits your budget.


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      Thanks for your comment Kakalot.

      However I have a friend that has hauppauge wintv and he said his card qualitiy suck. Now J have two card in mind your WinTV-PVR and Aver TV stereo. Well ATI sure has soem ood card here but I don't like their drviers support. Pls comments in those two cards :).



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        If the AverTV you are talking about is the external model thing I have seen please stay away from it. I have read a lot of reviews on it and they all say it sucks bad. 4 out of 10 stars on everyone of them. As for the WinTV-PVR I can tell you that it's increadible and I wish I had the money to buy one. My buddy has one and I have seen what it can do. If you can afford it definitely go for it. Hauppauge makes damn good drivers too.


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          Sure the WinTV-VPR is good but it will fired my pocket. The aver i'm looking at is not the extrnal but the pci. Does it a good card? And is there any else that consider good branch? My friend talks about dazzler.


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            Well, last year I reviewed the Prolink Pixelview PlayTV Pro and was extremely impressed with it. It still sells for around A$110 (US$55) and is an excellent card in the budget category. Prolink has since released more cards with better features, you can find more details on their site at

            Hope this helps! :wave:
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              Thanks for the link Albinus,

              However, when I saw prolink DTV card I remember that i'm using sattelite TV. So the question is will normal TV Tuner works with my sattelite or I have to buy a DTV card(s)? And will those card will has all my channels, since I can watch all the channels (yeapp every single one :P)



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                I've used satellite TV with these types of cards before and never had any problems.
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                  Mr.Tweak, you wrote "this kind of cards", does that mean a regular pci tv tnuer cards? If that so, you said a same idea to me. Yesterday, I firgured out, during my show, that I'm controlling the Receiver all the time not my TV :smokin: , that mean I only use one channel from Tner card; almost like watching VCR. Doh why couldn't I firguare it out sooner :geek: . So now I could buy some good card with nto much money :D

                  Thanks again, everybody!!!!


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                    Most of the cards are based on the same components, and did not change much during the last two years.

                    One is the Philips tuner with 125 channels - some cards offer stereo, fm radio or teletext as extra.

                    The chipset of the cards are mostly the BT878. On the Asus cards you can find the Chrontel chipset, and the Lifeview 3000 uses a Philips saa7134hl chipset.

                    So, the main difference is the impelementation, build quality, added software, remote control.

                    I thik these cards are mostly good for watching TV on your PC, however, recording a program to the hard disk is time consuming and not very user friendly. For that, a VCR is still better.