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I just got a Hercules Fortissimo 2 soundcard.

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  • I just got a Hercules Fortissimo 2 soundcard.

    I just got a Hercules Fortissimo 2 soundcard. It has optical I/O. Are these things supposed to blink when enabled? I want to make sure they are working since I don't have appropriate speakers to connect.

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    How is it?


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      I previously used a Diamond Monster MX400 soundcard which is now defunct since Diamond Multimedia ditched the PC audio business. Win2000 provides drivers for it but doesn't enable the 3D sounds which is what I really want from a soundcard.

      From the majority of reviews I've read about the Fortissimo2 they say this card is awesome for it's price and the features it provides. One review said, it beats the Soundblaster Live! MP3.

      In terms of playing mp3s and CDs I really can't tell the difference between the Fortissimo2 and the MX400. The F2 includes an 8mb wavetable which sounds far better than the MX400. The F2 also is a lot quieter when you turn the volume all the way up with no signal; there is a very, very faint hiss that anyone with very good hearing can hear. Although, if you enable the mic output and the +20db setting, then the noise becomes noticeably loud. I would disable this.

      The main reason I got the card was the include Yamaha software synthesizer. I love to listen to midi music just to hear the difference between different soft synthesizers. I also like the optical I/O even though I can't use it and I need someone to answer my question. The extended cable where you connect all the inputs is simply brilliant.

      The F2 and MX400 cards used sensaura technology, but the F2 gets my vote for best sounding 3D in games. 3D sounds is consitent and accurate to the point.


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        myself, i recently purchased the Game Theatre XP and going from a Vibra 128 its a huge jump in quality, however i like the breakout box but i hate the cable they used...

        i will b reviewing it on OCM when i can put it against a SB Live...

        the main purpose i was always going to get the herc for, was because I have a mobo with a 686b southbridge, and i didn't want the same troubles as those who have got the Live cards...however i overlooked the fact that the Game Theatre don't like the HPT370 and HPT370a IDE raid chips, but i can live without those controllers for now..

        i haven't looked into setting up the 5/6.1 setup yet, the only extra features i am really using is the mic and headfone connections and the individual volume controls, i also oticed that the max volume output from the herc tends to be a lower line-level than previous cards..:?::rolleyes: :?:


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          What about my optical question? Do they blink and can I see them?