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Audigy Platinum color face mod?

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  • Audigy Platinum color face mod?

    Does anybody know how i can change the color face of the Audigy Platinum drive to black to match my black tower without getting the EX version of the drive?:thumb:

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    Paint it or use a permanent marker but the results may not be what ya want. :smokin:


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      Like Wiggo said, I'd paint it.


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        But it has to be painted the right way to look perfect. I wanted to know what paint and which method to go by painting it.


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          Well there use to heaps of "How To's" around on doing similar things like this but I can't find 1 atm.
          Basically you'll have to fully disassemble it then with very fine sand paper sand it down lightly as to give the paint something to hold on to. Automotive paints are usually the best to use with a primer 1st, light sand the 1-3 colour coats with light sanding between each finished off with a clear coat.
          I know that's only a rough guide but if I find an article I'll post it here. :smokin: