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AORUS 15 High Quality Design and Material of Thin Bezel Gaming Laptop Review

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  • AORUS 15 High Quality Design and Material of Thin Bezel Gaming Laptop Review

    Recent years many laptop brands came out more and more gaming notebook in the red sea market,
    The GIGABYTE gaming laptops is rare to see in the market before.
    But these 2 years they start to have more products for gaming style design
    With the positive market competitions, the gaming laptops become much better on design and price range.

    GIGABYTE got its own gaming brand AORUS with gaming laptops,
    AORUS series is simple, only got AORUS 15, AORUS 5,7 series in 2019
    This simple way might make lower awareness in the market.

    Let?s get back to the AORUS 15; A cover used metallic design,
    Black matted coating with high quality. Looks might be a bit of finger print on it.
    Most of the current matted metal coating notebook chassis had this status.
    AORUS designed their Eagle shape logo with lines on both side to create speedy style.
    The Logo and lines will have white lighting when notebook boot up, it will be more fancy if comes with RGB lights.

    I tested around 2225g, it?s a bit lighter than their formal data.
    A side and back side heat exhaust sink holes, looks similar as HP Pavilion Gaming 15.
    Many high level gaming notebook had this kind of design, but AORUS 15 is most outstanding as my user experience.

    Open the AORUS 15, B and C side design
    The hinge design closer to the middle on both left and right side, the biggest open angle around 130 degree,
    because the chassis assembling quality is solid, so it didn?t easily shake when open up the screen.

    B side designed with thin bezel frame that thin gaming notebook often used since 2018
    The AORUS 15 with 6mm thin bezel on 3 sides.
    Webcam still on the top side, is more convenient and outstanding.
    15.6? matted display with IPS panel, with Full HD resolution and 144Hz refresh rate.
    HD Webcam, work with face tracing function, it?s smooth but image quality could be improved.

    C side use matted aluminum metallic chassis besides of keyboard. This part is same as A side.
    Designed with membrane full color backlit keyboard, support RGB Fusion technology.
    Although the thin membrane keyboard is easy to be soft, but this one is good on feedback.
    There are branding stickers aside the touchpad, if the sticker is too big will impact the beauty of the ID design, recommend to make it smaller and simplified, or put it under D side is also a way.

    Touchpad used larger surface design, looks wider on left and right side.
    This makes more convenient using experience, the pointing is very accurate when moving.
    In my personal experience, high accuracy touchpad appeared on higher price products mostly.
    The power button with white light when boot up, the left and right side aside the corner have LED project lights for gaming ambience.

    On top of C side is power button, it?s same icon as A side image.
    Align the button it designed with cooling holes with special shapes to give it streamline style.
    On the upper right side of keyboard key with fan icon, used Fn+Fan key to adjust fan speed.

    Left side IO
    From left, heat exhaust / RJ-45 LAN port / USB3.1 (Super Charge) / Micro SD reader
    Storage light / Power light. The heat exhaust hole design is really good looking and quality.

    Right side IO
    From left, headset port / 2x USB 3.1 / heat exhaust
    The USB 3.1 all Gen1 Type-A format
    This machine of cooling system used dual 7cm high speed fan, 6 heatpipes, 9 in & out airflow exhausts, it should have very good present on cooling power.
    The analysis is coming soon.
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