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Questions about case fan installation

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  • Questions about case fan installation

    Hey guys

    I bought 2x Corsair ML140 case fans hoping to cool down my system further, both of these fans are using 4 pin PWM connectors and is connected to my motherboard via a Y cable from Noctua:

    However thereís a warning message on there saying the following:
    Common mainboard fan headers support up to 9.6 or 12W (check your mainboard manual for detailed information). Please thus make sure that the combined power draw of the fans connected to one fan header using NA-YC1 adaptors does not exceed this value!

    Although when reading through the manual of my motherboard (ASRock Z97 Extreme6), there isnít any mention of how many Watts the fan header supports.

    What Iím wondering is, will my motherboard have sufficient capacity to handle all the fans Iím using?

    I currently have 2x Noctua NF-A15 140mm fans cooling my CPU and connected to the two Mobo CPU Fan Connectors. Along with 2x Corsair ML140 cooling the system which are connected to the one Mobo Chassis Fan Connectors via a Y-cable.

    (I also have 2x Fractal Design fans connected to my caseís fan controller directly but donít think this will have an effect.)

    Anyway appreciate any help that can be given on this matter!

    P.S. The ML140 fans I installed are REALLY loud, more than 3 times the amount of noise of my original fans. Is this an indication something might be wrong as these are supposed to be quiet fans? Sorry about this, I am really new about all these.