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Is the 1/2 cord I found compatible with my ASUS charger cord transforer end? From a Luddite.

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  • Is the 1/2 cord I found compatible with my ASUS charger cord transforer end? From a Luddite.

    Hi, I am brand new here and this my first post. I registered only to ask one question.

    I was gifted with an older version of an ASUS notebook. It is black plastic 17" and has no touch screen and has Windows 7 so I guess it is about 4 or 5 years old or more. It has a worn power button and the right click button on the touch pad is also worn so I have to hit both of those buttons in an exact spot to get a response. I had a guy clean it up. The stickers say on the lower left of the keyboard say that it has a new intel core i3 processor which I find hard to believe but whatever. It works ok and the battery still holds a charge, etc. I am old fashioned and don't want to learn new technology, nor do I care about the latest cool new thing. It took years for me to consider giving up my old electric typewriter and getting an ereader was only because my wife said "her or the books" (I had 10,000 volumes crowding us out of our apartment, but I had to think about it!) I now have 3 ereaders and over 10,000 volumes and still have my wife too!

    Ok, back to the computer. Everything was fine until one day after the mess of Christmas and New Years our gals cleaned the house. I found my computer in a drawer of the entertainment center but no cord. Later I found 1/2 of the cord. It is the end with the transformer that plugs into the laptop directly. the part that goes to the power strip is still missing and I've been forced back to the library to write emails (I hate typing on my ereader but my wife won't let me near her computer because I've been known to pound on it!)

    I was all set to buy a new charger from Amazon but one of the gals thought maybe it was in the bag with all sorts of other cords that no one knows to what they go. Lo and behold another half cord was found and it does fit. ...BUT... is it the one and will I blow out the breaker panel or the processor if I plug it in? ...

    I have ASUS Model K73E
    Info on ASUS transformer: Model EXA0703YH, Input AC 100-240V- 50-60 Hz, 1.5A, Output 19V 3.42A
    BUT the other half we found has a tag wrapped around the cord that is faded and sticking to itself thus unreadable except for some Chinese characters, but embossed on the female outlet end that fits perfectly to the transformer are these words: LS-18, 7A 125V, Longwell, E55340 and the GE symbol.
    Will this work if its 125V and the transformer is up to 240 or something like that and the transformer says ASUS like the computer but the cord says Longwell and GE?