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Questions about LFC for FreeSync Monitors

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  • Questions about LFC for FreeSync Monitors

    Hey guys,

    Iím hoping to purchase a new FreeSync monitor and just have some questions on the Low Framerate Compensation (LFC) feature.

    I kinda have a special gaming situation here, I play Total War, Mount & Blade and Men of War extensively. I always run mods which triples the amount of troops on screen because I enjoy larger scale battles. Because of this Iím frequently bottlenecked by the CPU (already 4.7GHz OC) and runs below 30 framerate. It doesnít really bother me though because I enjoy sitting back and watching the huge battles unfold. Hell, I even cap some of my games to 30 FPS to prevent wild framerate fluctuations.

    This is also the reason why Iím really interested in this LFC feature, since my games run at 20-30 FPS most of the time. Although I just have some questions regarding this feature:

    1. First of all if I understand correctly, LFC works to double the frames when the FPS falls below the monitorís FreeSync range.

    So what happens when the FPS dips to a level thatís even lower than half the minimum refresh rate? (Say I only have 19 FPS in game, but have a 50-144Hz Monitor.) What does LFC do in this instance and does it still help smooth the frames somewhat?

    2. Secondly I understand itís possible to change the FreeSync range of a monitor using CRU. However will it be viable to underclock a monitor down to 20Hz so that I can still get FreeSync even in this low FPS range of mine? Or will underclocking the FreeSync range so low be damaging to my monitor?

    3. And the most important question, what are some good monitors on the market that can allow me to underclock to 20Hz? Canít seem to find much info on this, but Iíd very much like to purchase a monitor and underclock it according to my gaming needs.

    Anyway what are some of the monitors which would be most suitable for my situation? AOC G2460PF seem like a very popular option with a 35Hz minimum, but Iím not sure how well it can underclock and whether I can get it to 20Hz or not.

    Thank you so much for reading this, I know it may be an unusual question, but I would very much appreciate any help and info that you can give.

    Cheers and happy holidays!
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