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Help on fixing problem with TFT Screen plz!

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  • Help on fixing problem with TFT Screen plz!

    Hello guys! I have this huge problem at the moment... The TFT Monitor of my GF's PC just gone mad. The Display is so ugly with lines and everything even in the bios, the letters are stripe., I also checked the frequency of the monitor and it says.. 31.4 something like that. Man.. I don't know whats happen to it. Any idea?

    It all started when I attached a Slave HDD to copy the Files from the original HDD and did a system restore. After the system restore.. the PC won't power up when you click the "ON" button. You have to wait quite a while till the light blinks then that when you can start it. I dont know whats going on with it.. I did not touch anything.. I've just attached the HDD to copy all the files thats all.

    Byt the way the PC is

    Fujitsu Siemens

    Intel 2.0 Celeron
    256 MB of PC2100 Samsung RAM
    Fujitsu Motherboard with built in graphics card
    Windows XP Home
    thats all I know.

    Many Thanks!

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    maybe you could of shocked something.. Or The PSU was already at it's limit before you put the hdd in.. and the extra hdd is too much?


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      I figured it out. the monitor is not the problem.. I think its the on board graphics card is the one not functioning properly or the Motherboard itself.

      The PSU is only 180 Watts co'z its smaller the standard.. So yah... maybe your rigth. I might have damged the PSU. Then everything follows. Maybe when its doing the blinking thingy... thats when it damged the motherboard or graphics card etc...

      If i changed the PSU.. will it fixed the problem? what you think??

      Thanks man for the reply! appreciate that!


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        Well 180 watts on a 2Ghz chip.. I know most hard drives don't use much wattage. But Replaceing the psu could fix it, but also you could of nuked the onboard video also. Take the extra HDD out first, to see if it's a psu problem.


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          I've removed it after I finished copying the files to the original HDD after the restoration.