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  • Which CRT monitor?

    I just built a new system and am looking to get a 19 or 21 inch CRT. There are so many of them I don't know which one to go with. Does anyone have any input on this or can anybody recommend some monitors. I know that the viewsonics, nec's, samsungs, and sonys are good but I don't know which ones. Also, the most I want to spend is around 600 dollars especially if i can get one much cheaper off the internet that is actually sells for much more than 600.
    thanks in advance for the replies.

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    i would go wit viewsonic. Im usin the PerfectFlat A70f and it has served me well. but u can go wit samsung they look nice but over som period i think they mess up like the screen gets all static. anyways nuttin wrong wit my viewsonic. been 3 yrs :laugh:


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      if your willing to pay a bit extra, you might want to take a look at the ViewSonic Professional range. they feature high resolutions and refresh rates, high contrast, crisp imaging. the P95+ (i think thats what its called) is a great example.


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        I just picked up a ViewSonic 21' graphics series G220fb ... i cant be more happy with it .. its big bright and bad ... its under 500 bucks on newegg ... i dont know how i lived without it


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          I was actually looking at that monitor or the NEC Fp912SB. I chose the NEC and also couldn't be happier. The NEC was a little cheaper and I could not decide for a week or two so finally i just bought the NEC.